I was born into a family of doctors who instilled in me a love of learning. My interest in education is rooted as far back as high school when I enjoyed tutoring younger students. That interest blossomed into a degree in Philology (Language and Literature) from Black Sea National University of Petro Mohyla. I earned my Bachelor of Arts and Masters of Arts in German and English languages and Literature.

After getting my Bachelor Degree, I landed my first classroom position as ESL and ESP teacher for ‘Larisa School of Languages’ in Ukraine, 2012. The challenge of teaching abroad is an exciting opportunity which I took an advantage of. I joined ‘English Time’ in Istanbul, 2016. Completed a course in ‘Teaching IELTS and TOEFL’ from the Queen TESOL Center.

Being a member of Ibn Haldun allows me to draw on the elements of teaching that have long been a part of who I am while working with the students, who continue to inspire me each day.