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The primary responsibility of the Ibn Haldun School of Languages is to run the English language prep year for undergraduates. Secondly, in line with the university’s policy of trilingualism it also organizes four-term undergraduate sequences for Modern Turkish and Arabic so as to ensure that all students will be graduating with at least B2 or C1 proficiency in these three key languages. Thirdly, the School of Languages also offers a variety of both Western (German, French, Spanish, Russian) and Eastern (Chinese, Japanese, Malay) language electives so as to open further doors to world civilizations.

Students who successfully complete the English language preparation program will be provided with the opportunity to pursue four additional weeks of summer study in prestigious US, UK or Malaysian universities, with IHU covering all travel, instruction and accommodation costs.

The IHU approach to English language teaching emphasizes content-based instruction and an inter-communicative approach. Classroom size is limited to ten students. The majority of our teaching staff are native speakers while others have a native-level competence. Many of them hold MA degrees in various fields as well as international CELTA or DELTA certificates. The English language prep year program is additionally Pearson-accredited to ensure international quality standards. The Arabic language program at IHU offers pedagogically up- to-date instruction in Modern Standard Arabic to non-native speakers. In addition to intensive use of mutual communication methods, because of the peculiarities of Arabic a number of classical texts are also utilized for translation and interpretation. Cooperative networks with Jordan, Qatar and Tunisia are intended to provide students with further opportunities to study abroad.