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It is obligatory for all students except Law students who will pursue their education in Turkish. Law students may take the Prep program optionally.

In order to be exempted from the Prep year, you need to submit your accepted exam result document to the School of Languages. Accepted exams and grades are as follows:


Yes. Students who do not take the placement test cannot start the Prep education even if they think they are in the elementary level. Those who pass the placement test have the chance to take the proficiency test to be exempted from the Prep education. If they pass it, they can start their faculty courses.

It is of crucial importance for students to improve their language skills to attend all classes. It is mandatory to attend at least 90% of the courses. Students who fail to fulfill this requirement with or without a documented excuse are considered to have failed the module and they cannot continue to the next module even if they are successful. However, the students who take the optional Prep education may start their faculty courses the next academic year. In case of fatal disease and documented hospitalization, the students’ days off are permitted.
There are a maximum of 10 students per class.

Students who succesfully complete the 5 modules get the opportunity to go to the USA, UK or Malaysia for 4 weeks of study in summer. Accomodation, education and travel costs are covered by IHU. The country they will go to is determined by the average grade of their Prep education. Among the 150 presumed students, for example, the 50 with the highest average grade are going to go to the USA, the second 50 to the UK and the third 50 to Malaysia. 
In the case of failing the first year in the Prep class, you continue to receive the scholarship for one more year. If you fail the second year, despite attending classes, you are dismissed from the university.
In Prep education, not one text book but various books are used. The first day of each module, the students are informed about the books to be used. Students need to get them by the third day of the module.
No. It is a violation of the Law of Intellectual and Artistic Works Article 71, and the activation codes needed to access online language platforms of those books are not available. Therefore, IHU does not accept the use of second-hand or illegally printed copies of the books.

You can fill out an application form for a text book scholarship at the School of Languages and submit it to the coordinator.

The main purpose of Prep program clubs is to improve students’ language skills by making them practice the language effectively in different contexts. All of the clubs are designed to serve this purpose. It is obligatory to attend one of these clubs and it is not an obstacle to attend other clubs that IHU offers.
You can submit your medical report to the coordinator of the School of Languages.
In Başakşehir campus at the address: Ulubatlı Hasan Cad. No:2 

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