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Preparatory Program Clubs

Preparatory Program Clubs

The aim of English Preparatory Program clubs is to enable students to develop their language skills by using them effectively. Participation in one of these clubs, which is a part of preparatory education, is mandatory. Participation in preparatory clubs does not preclude joining other clubs offered by the university. Clubs included in the preparatory program are:

Debate Club/Debate Club: Students participating in this club participate in debates organized in English as debaters or judges and have the opportunity to develop both their English listening and speaking skills and their critical thinking skills. It is aimed that our students participate in national and international competitions and represent our school.

Drama Club/Drama Club: The reading, analysis, and performance of theater plays take place under the roof of this club. Students participating in this club have the chance to improve their reading skills in addition to their speaking and listening skills.

Short Film Club/Short Film Club: The short film club is the meeting place for students who want to start with the writing of short film scripts, take part in the film both in front of and behind the camera, and then learn how to edit the film. This club provides an environment where speaking and listening skills can be developed as well as writing skills.

Storytelling Club/Storytelling Club: Students from different countries of the world meet in this club where storytelling techniques will be learned and tales from various cultures will be shared. They discover their inner journeys through the stories they tell and listen to, through the writings they will write. In this way, they also improve their listening, speaking, and writing skills.

Literature Club: This club, where literary works in English from different parts of the world are read and discussed, and works such as poetry and short stories are written, provides an environment where all English reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills can be used and developed.