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TEFL Certificate

⮚ Face-to-face input sessions in which you will learn teaching techniques and activities and how these can be applied in the classroom

⮚ Microteaching in which you will get the chance to practice some of the things you learn on the course by teaching your peers

⮚ One-hour video observation in which you can see a real lesson being taught by an experienced teacher

⮚ Short practical written tasks in which you will demonstrate what you have learned in the course

⮚ Online tasks in which you will get further input that already done face-to-face, including some language awareness tasks

⮚ Background reading to help you learn more about teaching

⮚ Formal lesson observations: you’ll be observed teaching a language-focused lesson and a skills-based lesson at your school and receive oral and written feedback on the lessons.

⮚ 20 hours face-to-face

⮚ 20 hours online

⮚ 2 formal class observations to be conducted during the academic year.

⮚ Attend all the input sessions.

⮚ Complete the written tasks.

⮚ Complete the online component of the course.

⮚ Create a portfolio of your work.

⮚ Getting to know you

⮚ Classroom management

⮚ Using a coursebook

⮚ Receptive skills

⮚ Productive skills

⮚ Analyzing & practicing language

⮚ Eliciting

⮚ Vocabulary

⮚ Phonology

⮚ Error correction

⮚ Lesson Planning