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Examination and Evaluation System

Evaluation Criteria:
Participation and Activities %10
Presentations %10
Tutorials % 5
Assignments %15
Quizzes (2) %10
Project %15
Oral Exam (Interview)  %10
Exam  %25
* Passing exam grade: %60
* Passing total grade: %75

  1. On the orientation day, the student is given a handbook containing all the assignments and tasks to be done regarding the program.

  2. Each student has a special file containing their evaluation.

  3. The student's evaluation and acceptance as successful are determined by the scores he/she receives from the studies he/she carries out on a daily and weekly basis, and is not based solely on the scores he/she obtains from the exams.

Important Information About Students Who Finished the Preparatory Program and Started Faculty:
  1. The student who passes the first module will be exempt from ARA 301+ARA302.

  2. The student who passes the second module will be exempt from ARA303+ARA 304.

  3. To pass the preparatory year, it is necessary to pass the qualifying exam.

Modular System:

The Arabic preparatory year consists of 5 modules. Each module is 7 weeks. Modules start with beginner-intermediate level and end with advanced-low level.

1 Pre A1 NL - NM
2 A2 NH - IL
3 B1.1 IM 
4 B1.2 IH 
5 B2 AL

1 A1 NM-NH
2 A2 IL
3 B1.1 IM
4 B1.2 IH
5 B2 AL