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Korean-Ayşe Aydoğan

Ayşe Aydoğan successfully completed her undergraduate studies in Political Science and Public Administration at Ankara University in 2019. Since 2022, she has been actively engaged in pursuing her Master's degree in Public Administration at Incheon National University in South Korea.

In addition to her advanced proficiency in the Korean language, Ayşe is fluent in English at the C1 level and possesses a working knowledge of Spanish at the A2 level. Commencing her journey in learning Korean in 2013, Ayşe dedicated two years to her education at Sejong Hakdang, culminating in the successful completion of the TOPIK exam, attaining a TOPIK 5 certification, indicative of a high level of proficiency.

Driven by a profound interest in Korean history, culture, and art, Ayşe distinguished herself by securing the first place in the "Golden Bell: Who Will Ring It?" quiz competition organized by the South Korean Embassy in 2019 and achieving third place in the "Quiz on Korea" competition.

Since 2019, Ayşe has been actively involved in teaching both English and Korean. Holding the position of a Korean language instructor at Ibn Haldun University since 2022, she continues to demonstrate unwavering commitment to the field of education.