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Assessment and Evaluation

Assessment and Evaluation

In Ibn Haldun Preparatory School, students' performances are measured by various measurement and evaluation methods. Although there are some differences between the modules, in general, process-oriented writing, writing in the given time, presentations, quizzes, assignments, a midterm, and a module exit exam called MET to pass that module at the end of the module constitute the assessment and evaluation criteria at our school. The student's grade is calculated by taking 65% of the grades collected during the year and 35% of the grade received from MET.

Exam Rules

  • Students must be present in the exam hall 10 minutes before the start of the exam.
  • Each student brings their own tools such as pencils and erasers.
  • Students who are late for the first session of the exam are admitted to the exam hall within the first 15 minutes, but they are not given additional time at the end of the exam.
  • Those who are late for the sessions after the first session will not be admitted to the hall and cannot take the make-up exam.
  • It is forbidden to leave the hall for the first 30 minutes of the exam.
  • Before the exam starts, students are required to turn off their phones and hand them over to the examiner.
  • Before the exam starts, students should make sure that there is no course material above or below their desks.
  • Students who attempt to cheat are marked on their papers by the examiner and necessary disciplinary actions are taken against the student.
  • The examiner has the right to change the seating arrangement of the students.

Objection to Exams

Objection to the exam results is made within 3 working days of the announcement of the exam result. Objections made afterward are invalid. Objections must be emailed to prep.english@ihu.edu.tr with a signed petition. At the end of the objection period, the Assessment and Evaluation Center establishes an "Objection Commission", which includes a member of the Assessment and Evaluation Center and the instructors who have attended the course from the same course in which the student continues his education. The student's paper is reviewed by this commission, the "Petition Result Form" is signed, and it is concluded within five working days at the latest whether there is any change in the result of the exam announced before.

Plagiarism, Copying, and Disciplinary Offenses

Academic honesty and originality are the basic principles in all assignments and studies of students. It is strictly forbidden to make any deliberate and unauthorized changes in academic work and assignments, theft of information - using someone else's ideas, words, or statements without appropriate reference and reference, presenting them as one's own. In case of cheating or attempting to cheat in homework or exams, or violating the determined disciplinary rules, the necessary sanctions are applied by the commission appointed by the Ibn Haldun University School of Languages within the framework of the Disciplinary Regulations of the Council of Higher Education and the Implementation Principles of the Ibn Haldun School of Languages.