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Professional Development (PD) Sessions

Professional Development (PD) Sessions at IHU University

Ibn Haldun University's Professional Development (PD) Sessions are an integral part of our commitment to fostering excellence in English language teaching. At IHU, we believe that investing in our teaching staff's continuous growth directly contributes to enhancing the learning experience for our students.

PD Sessions are an avenue for continuous learning and innovation in English language education. It is a dynamic journey of professional growth, contributing to the evolution of effective teaching practices.

What is a PD Session?

A PD Session is a dynamic workshop where our dedicated teaching staff collaborates to expand their knowledge, refine their teaching techniques, and stay abreast of the latest trends in language education. These sessions serve as a platform for professional exchange, ensuring that our educators are well-equipped to create engaging and effective learning environments.

Why PD Sessions Matter?

PD sessions play a pivotal role in ensuring that our teaching staff remains at the forefront of language education. By actively participating in these sessions, educators stay updated on the latest techniques, methodologies, and technologies. This knowledge directly applies to creating student-centered classes, aligning with our commitment to the communicative approach in teaching English as a foreign language.

Our Approach

At IHU, we prioritize the professional development of our teaching team. Each module, spanning two months, sees the organization of three structured input sessions. Led predominantly by our expert teacher trainers, these sessions delve into various aspects of language teaching, catering to both novice educators and seasoned professionals.

Diverse Expertise

Our experienced teacher trainers bring a wealth of expertise to the PD sessions, drawing from years of practical classroom experience and staying informed about current methodologies. Additionally, we embrace diversity by occasionally featuring volunteer teachers who contribute fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to our PD program.

Diverse Expertise

In our PD sessions at IHU, we go beyond conventional professional development by occasionally hosting distinguished ELT figures like Mark HancockNergiz Kern, and Paul Seedhouse. These renowned experts bring a global perspective and a wealth of experience to our workshops, offering unique insights that further enrich the professional growth of our teaching staff. This special feature not only enhances our internal collaboration but also connects our educators with cutting-edge ideas from the broader ELT community, reinforcing our commitment to providing a world-class learning environment.