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Frequently Asked Questions

 English Preparatory Program is compulsory for all departments.

Students who want to be exempted from the English Preparatory Program must submit a document showing that they have received the valid score to the School of Languages. Accepted exams and scores are as follows: YDS/YÖKDİL:90 TOEFL-IBT:80 PTE ACADEMIC:55 CPE:C CAE:C FCE:B

Yes. Students who do not take the Placement Exam cannot start the preparatory education even if they think that they are at the beginner level. Students who are successful in the Placement Exam are entitled to take the English Preparatory Exam. If they are successful, they can start classes in their departments.

It is essential that students attend all classes so that they can develop the necessary English language skills. In the English Preparatory Program, students are required to attend at least 90% of the courses. Students who attend classes less than 90% for any documented or undocumented reason, including illness, disciplinary action, or other mandatory reasons, are deemed to have failed to meet their in-class obligations. Even if students in this situation are successful in their courses, they cannot continue to the next level. Students participating in the optional English Preparatory Program can start their studies in the next academic year. In case of severe illness, in case of presentation of a committee report or hospitalization certificate, students are considered on leave.

Classes are for 10-15 people.

Students who have successfully completed 5 English courses and have not stayed in any of the courses are offered the opportunity to go abroad.

The success criteria determined by the decision taken by the University Administration dated December 6, 2023 are as follows.

Placement Level

Evaluation Criteria


%15 Ele + %15 Pin + %20 Int + %20 Upp + %20 Pfac + %10 ITEX


%20 Pin + %20 Int + %25 Upp + %25 Pfac + %10 ITEX


%30 Int + %30 Upp + %25 Pfac + %15 ITEX


%45 Upp + %40 Pfac + %15 ITEX


%70 Pfac + %30 ITEX

We would like to inform you that we will offer summer school abroad opportunities to our students who have been/will be placed in our university through the ÖSYM exam, in accordance with the above mentioned practice, by opening a quota of 15 people for each year.

Among our students who are accepted through the ÖSYM exam and who are successful in completing the Ibn Haldun University English preparatory program without failing any modules, those who are in the top 30% success bracket each year will be included in the summer school program to be held in America at the end of the first year.

Scholarships continue for one more year in case of failing in the English Preparatory Program.

Students who cannot complete the preparatory class successfully within two years are dismissed from the program. Students who have been dismissed can enroll in an equivalent program whose language of instruction is Turkish at their higher education institution. However, since there is no program that teaches in both English and Turkish languages at our university, there is no possibility to switch to a Turkish program within the institution. Upon their request, these students can be centrally placed in one of the programs whose language of instruction is Turkish, for once, by the OSYM Presidency, for one time only, provided that the relevant score from the student's university exam scores is not lower than the base score required to enroll in the program in which they will be placed.
An announcement is made by OSYM in October of each year regarding the placement procedures.

In the preparatory class, not a single book is used, but various books. On the first day of each module, students are informed about the books they will use. These books must be obtained by the third day of the module.

 No. It is against Article 71 of the Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works. In addition, it is unacceptable to use photocopies or second-hand books, since the activation codes required for accessing online language platforms for used and pirated books are not available.

Book scholarship is not included in our directive.

The purpose of the preparatory program clubs is to enable students to develop their language skills by using them effectively. All clubs are designed to serve this purpose. Participation in one of these clubs, which is a part of preparatory education, is mandatory. Participation in preparatory clubs does not preclude joining other clubs offered by the university.

It takes place in Başakşehir Campus.

Objection to the exam results is made within 3 working days from the announcement of the exam result. Objections made afterwards are invalid. Objections should be sent to prep.english@ihu.edu.tr with a signed petition. At the end of the objection period, the Assessment and Evaluation Center establishes an "Objection Committee", which includes a member of the Assessment and Evaluation Center, and lecturers from the same course in which the student continues his education. The student's paper is reviewed by this commission, the "Petition Result Form" is signed, and it is concluded within five working days at the latest whether there is any change in the result of the exam announced before.

You should both forward your report to prep.english@ihu.edu.tr and submit it to the instructor of the course you missed.

The reports should be from:

  • private or state hospitals
  • family doctor
  • the university doctor