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Arabic Preparatory Guidelines

Arabic Preparatory Guidelines

§  The maximum number of absences allowed per module is 12 hours.

§  The maximum number of medical reports allowed is 2 reports per module, and the reports must be approved by the university physician.

§  In case of absence excuse, the student submits a letter in which s/he mentions the reason for absence, along with the date and signature; then the student submits the excuse letter to the department for approval.

§  The student should submit their absence report within two days after their absence.

§  The absence report is submitted by hand or via email to the secretary of the Arabic department.

§  The student is considered absent in the university information system two days after their absence if they do not submit a convincing report.

§  The objection is rejected after it is fixed in the information system.

§  If the student is absent for any reason related to the activities in the university, then they are considered absent and their excuse is not accepted.

§  The student is not allowed to enter an exam 5 minutes after it starts.

§  Using phones is not allowed during exams.

§  The class teachers are not responsible for preparing exam questions for their own classes.

§  In the interview (oral exam), the teachers do not interview the students they are teaching.

§  The student can object to their exam result one day after it is issued.

§  The objection is submitted to the administration of the Arabic Department.

§  After the objection is accepted, the exam paper is reviewed with the student.

§  If a student fails a module, they have to start it again.

§  In order to pass the preparatory year, students have to complete the B2 level or get 70 in the proficiency exam.

§  The student is not allowed to enter the proficiency exam until s/he passes four modules at least.

§  For the students who pass 5 modules their level will be considered B2, however they need to pass the proficiency exam to receive a formal certificate of B2 level.

§  If a student comes to class 15 minutes late, then s/he will be considered absent.

§  The teacher maintains a friendly relationship with the students, and the students are expected to maintain their respect for the teacher.

§  Students cannot change their classes without the permission of their class teacher and the coordinator of the program.

§  The student can object to his/her level one week after the beginning of the classes.

§  Leaving the class for more than 10 minutes means absence.

§  A teacher may sometimes ask some students to attend tutorials.

§  When facing a problem related to the course, the student talks to their class teacher immediately. If the problem persists, the student can resort to the coordinator of the program.

§  The beginning and end of a course book do not represent the beginning or end of a level.

§  The maximum number of fail times is twice a year. After that, the failing student is deprived of their right to study prep Arabic at the university for free.

§  A student who has failed twice in the prep year has the right to enter the exams at the end of the following modules only.

§  By Passing the first Module the student will be exempted from ARA301+ARA302

§  By Passing the second Module the student will be exempted from ARA303+ARA304

§  Passing the prep year requires passing the proficiency exam. (For more details on exam and evaluation, please look at the Examination and Evaluation section).